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TRENNERYS WILDCOAST FUNDURO (Transkei) 30 May 2015 Presented by Slake Adventures

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Slake Adventures Presesents: Trennerys Wild Coast Funduro May 30th, 2015

Slake Adventures and Trennerys Hotel are hosting the First Trennerys Wild Coast Funduro! This is your opportunity to ride the Amazing Transkei and make it an unforgettable weekend for the Family! Enduro and Offroad 2 wheel Motorcycles only! Please note that this is a Fun Ride and that no competitor licenses or club memberships are needed. Riders of all levels together with family and friends are welcome Please note that there are no ATM'S in the area -Bring Enough Cash!!! Entries are R200 pp and payable online. Register at:!register/ckh8 Please note that this is a Funduro with the focus on “Fun” & “Enduro” The terrain is not a “flat offroad” type of ride thus meaning you need to have some offroad motorcycling experience. To make sure that all level Enduro riders are catered for we have created loops that will be fun for everyone …..Make sure you choose the loop that suits your ability!!! Safety & Regulations This not a race! However it is important to treat any event of this nature with the right preparation. Please ensure that your equipment is adequate and in good working order. Protective gear is compulsory. 1st gear only in pits area and respect for fellow riders, spectators and local community at all times. Have enough fluid to stay hydrated. Make sure that among you and friends you have at least 1 tow rope, a cell phone and some basic tools as a precaution. Do not ever wonder of the marked loop as “sweeps” will not find you. Please respect the locals and there land and “Go Slow” among residential areas. Please note that you are taking part in this event at your own risk and that amongst you and your friends it is your own responsibility to get back to the pits safely. Event organizers do not take responsibility for you. Most of all………Relax, Enjoy the Scenery and Have Fun!!! There will be 4 Loops on offer: A Loop- Technical Terrain for Silver Club level and advanced riders (40km). You need to be a skilled and fit rider to complete this loop. The A loop can be measured as similar to a National Racing Loop with 1 or two points bordering on "Extreme". The first 20Km is isolated from the Core Loop (B) and then joins together with the Core Loop (B) for a further 20Km until the end. There are couple A loop diversions on the Core Loop (B) B Loop (Core)-Scenic Terrain for Medium to Intermediate riders (26Km). The B loop will make up the core of the days riding and can be measured similar to a Regional Racing Loop. The General "Weekend Warrior's" ultimate outride! C Loop- (Beginners). We all had to start somewhere and here's your opportunity as a novice rider to enjoy an introduction to Enduro. The C-Loop (10km) forms part of the first part of the B Loop (Core) and will certainly keep you busy.....but just not as long as the other loops and ensures to get you home quicker. Kiddies Loop – 1km around pits area in a safe "Close to Mom and Dad" environment. Accommodation: Trennerys Hotel is Fully Booked. However there are still some rooms available at Seagulls Hotel. Day Riders from East London and surrounding areas are welcome. The Ferry across the Kei will open earlier on Event Day and close later the evening. More info on that soon! Please note that the ferry will not operate in the dark-you need to be early to avoid the queue. Or go via Butterworth. Directions: Follow this link for directions- Trennerys will cater at event with Food & Drink Bring your own Fold up chair! Lucky Draws with some great prizes!!! PROGRAMME OF EVENTS: Documentation 7:00 -8:30 Riders Briefing 8.45 Start of Event (Loops Open) 9:00 Lucky Draw prizes 15h00 (At Trennerys) For more Info and Questions Roche Smit 0761359443 Aidan Carr 0832522299 Trennerys Hotel 047 4980025

Register and pay at event

Online Registrations are closed but day riders welcome to register and pay at event






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