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Katberg Golf & Leisure Estate


23-24 September


Monday 25th is a Public Holiday


Non Competitive Enduro


2 day Navigational Enduro.

Start & Finish for both days at the Clubhouse

The event is not a race. It should be approached as a fun weekend filled with

some tough riding with friends, pushing your riding ability to the limits and

aiming to “Conquer the Giants”!

Two routes (Intermediate & Hard) .

More on the routes in coming communication!

Each rider is required to navigate the route via a GPS unit or be accompanied by

a rider with a GPS Unit.

Additional route markers will be added at selected areas.

Time Bars will be in place for your own safety and refuel points will be allocated.

Safety and Requirements

It is compulsory for every rider to comply to the following!

▪ Suitable protective gear

▪ Fully Operational and suitable Motorcycle for Enduro

▪ A First Aid Kit with space blanket

􀀬􀀥􀀚􀀤􀀞􀀃􀀞􀀧􀀝􀀮􀀫􀀨▪ 2L Drinking Fluid

▪ Tool kit with spare spark plug

▪ A fully charged Cell phone

▪ Emergency Contact, number and Medical Aid details on card provided


Entries open on Wednesday 2nd August 2017 at 10am and will be limited to

100 for the inception year.

Entries are R950 and include an Event T shirt.

Entries will only be confirmed once online entry and full payment has been


Slake Adventures

FNB Cheque

ACC: 62268767947

Email POP to

Ref your Name followed by Chasing Giants.

Registration at Event

Registrations will open from 14:00 – 19:00 on Friday

and 06:00 – 07:00 on Sat morning

GPS Routes should be loaded before event (received via email) however a

representtive will be available on Friday evening should you need help

All motorcycles must be on their start grid by 07:30 both mornings (Saturday

and Sunday).

Riders Briefing

A Video format Riders Briefing will be sent in the week before the event and then

at 7:45 both mornings at the Start


The start will be at 08:00 on Saturday & Sunday morning.

Dead Engine Start.

Reporting of Incidents and Retirements

Should a competitor retire from the event, he/she is to immediately notify the

nearest official. Officials will be wearing Bibs. All riders that have finished or

retired must proceed to the organizers table at the finish and report their

number. Failure to comply with this ruling will exclude the rider from entering any

future event.

Rider conduct – Accidents

An Ambulance will be in attendance and on standby based at the START/

FINISH. It must be noted that if the Ambulance is called to an incident, the rider

will be liable for any costs incurred.

In the event of anyone being injured, competitors are obliged to stop and render

whatever assistance may be needed. In the case of serious injury, do not move

the injured competitor unless he/she is in a dangerous position. The next

Marshall must be informed as soon as possible in order to summon assistance,

the Marshall is to be supplied with the name and number of the injured

competitor, and approximate location. When an Ambulance is encountered on

route, it has right of way at ALL TIMES.

Note: Once competitors have retired from or finished the event, their

motorcycles are to be parked and/or trailered. Under no circumstances will

competitors or helpers be allowed to ride their machines once they have

completed the route. Failure to adhere to this will result in exclusion from the


Finishers Medals

Only successful Finishers of both days will receive a medal for Hard/Intermediate

Promoters and Organizers

Slake Adventures

Roche Smit

Route Director/s

Simon Warne/Wayne Nash

The local community has graced us the opportunity to ride on their land and

cross their community roads. Respect and positive rider conduct must be

displayed at all times to the locals.

The route will be 50-70Km on both days for Intermediate and

70km + for Hard.

Day 2 will be a reverse of most of Day1

A Refuel point will be allocated with a cutoff time bar.

The Intermediate route consists of Single Track, Riverbeds, Hill Climbs and

Down Hills

The Hard Loop will run together with the Intermediate at times and steer off into

more technical terrain.

Under no circumstances shall a rider leave the route unless in a controlled


Livestock and game have right of way at all times and riders are to give way for

faster riders.

Front number board numbers will be provided and will be allocated according to

entrance sequence.

It is compulsory to stop at road crossings. Marshall's will be allocated at

designated points

Schedule of Events

To be finalized and sent in additional email.

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